Application Properties

The Replicated YAML section properties allows several high level items to be defined.

This content is associated with a legacy version of the Replicated product. For the current Replicated product docs, click here.

The properties section of the YAML allows you to configure properties of the admin console.

Below is an example of the properties section of an application config YAML.

  app_url: http://{{repl ConfigOption "hostname" }}
  console_title: My Enterprise Application
  shell_alias: mycli

Available Properties


The URL of your application. A link to this URL will de displayed to the user on the dashboard of the admin console. This field supports template functions and often uses one to determine the hostname or IP address to link to.


The admin console header logo. This image will be proxied by the Replicated license server during installation time. The on-prem admin console will not load this image from the Internet; it becomes a local resource. This image will automatically be included on airgapped installations without external access.


The admin console header title (in the navbar) and HTML page title.


Shell alias that can be used to run admin commands. See Admin Commands for more information.


Additional markdown content that will be displayed on the Support page of the admin console.