Distribute a Kubernetes Application with KOTS

If you are building a Kubernetes application and want to re-use your YAML, start here. KOTS will allow you to deliver to both existing clusters and to your end customer's plain VMs if they don't have a Kubernetes Cluster.

Distribute to a Kubernetes Cluster with Ship

If you are trying to deliver your Kubernetes application to a customer's existing Kubernetes cluster, start here with Replicated Ship.

Distribute a Swarm Application

If you have a Docker Compose file and want to create a scalable, enterprise-installable appliance experience, this is the place to start.

Replicated Native Scheduler

When you have to support a wider range of operating systems, the Replicated Native Scheduler is a good choice.

Supporting Enterprise Installations

Get started creating and managing support bundles using Replicated Troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting a Ship Application

Troubleshooting simplifies debugging issues with your Ship application in your customer's environment.

Entitlements and Ship

Entitlements can be used to enforce privileges in your Ship application.